Sunday, January 15, 2017

(NSFW-Language is Explicit) Andrew Cuomo is a Satanic POS!

Andrew Cuomo=51/132. Pig=32. Andy=44. Kill=44. Andrew=65. "Fuckin' cocksucker"=65. Satanic=22/67. Cuomo=22/67. Blood Sacrifice=67.

This cock-sucking sick fuck just extended legalized slavery by preventing the poor from having guaranteed legal defense opportunities. Essentially, this bastard won't help the poorest of the poor pay for a lawyer, but will do everything possible to deep-throat Wall Street Pro-Zionist bankers.

Fucking go to hell you sick fuck!

Always think!

EDIT: cuomo-vetoes-bill-requiring-n-y-fund-legal-services-poor-article <--this is a link for the article if anyone wants to read it.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Time to recoup

Ended=32. Seahawk=32. Sum of the game was 56. Twenty=26/107. Toxic=26/71. Injured=36. Falcons won with a score of 36 against an injured team.

I know many people will say that I should have never gone with the Seahawks as the SB pick. However, I had to trust the work I put in and the gematria that I studied for my pick.

A lesson for anyone out there who may be devastated that their work didn't somehow pay off or work out as you expected......NEVER QUIT. Don't give up, Accept what happened and work within the circumstance by avoiding the fatal flaw. If you don't know a fatal flaw of yours, sit down and run over the process and find out how efficient it was to the situation or the work you put in.

One thing people/sheep/the powers that be/etc. in this world hate.....Failure. They hate failure, they hate the fact that if someone fails then that person is deemed a failure. People are punished for failure, from school to work, etc. We need to accept failure, especially in this community because that's how we as humans mature and develop.

As rigged as professional sports are, I want you guys to look at the 2012 Seahawks for example. They failed in the divisional round vs. Atlanta (sound familiar). Guess what, they were scripted to accept it and develop into a world champion team the following season.

The lesson here is this. Never avoid what's going on. Never over-commit, never dig-in-your-heels and "grind it out". Those things only lead to distress and misery. The life goal that all people should follow is to be a light of the world. One wrong prediction or one wrong gematria breakdown is two more developing assets to utilize.

Always think.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Sports Bet Capper

This poster that I'm about to link here is legit! He gives great insight and does his research well. Check out his blog when any of you have a chance.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

14 15 16 17 25 26 32 33 52 53 | NFL Divisional Round Weekend

For those wondering, I put the date numerologies on top in front of the title of the post. Every other number goes with one of the two dates (1/14/17 & 1/15/17).


Packers @ Cowboys:

Let's look at this game from 9/26/16:

On the pic, the 86 losses was on the left and 65 losses on the right.

This was a game played between the Wisconsin baseball team and the Dallas baseball team on a date numerology of 51. Notice the Dallas team lost by the score of 3-8, which can be seen as 38. Finish=38/65.

Packers=28/37/73. Cowboys=30/39/102. The game will be played in Dallas. Dallas=13/22/49.

Notable records:
Aaron Rodgers playoff record: 8-6

It's very possible that the Packers can finish the Cowboys and make them one-and-done or that the Packers streak ends Sunday. I like the Packers to lose Sunday. They enter win a SEVEN game win streak. Seven=20/29/65/74. Streak=20/29/74/83. Done=20. Twenty=26, on a date numerology of 26. Finish=38(inverse of 83)/65. Fifteen=38/65. Eliminated=47. 47 is the 15th prime number.

Steelers @ Chiefs: 1/15/17

The game is played in Kansas City.

I mentioned in a forum on that the Chiefs could very well lose as well on Sunday.

Chiefs=32/41/50. Stopped=32/41. Ended=32. This game is on a date numerology of 15. Fifteen=38/65. Finish=38/65. Kansas City=32/50/122/140. It'll be fitting for the Chiefs to have their season ended on a finish numerology.

Steelers=31/49/103(They have good numbers for an appearance in the Super Bowl).

Playoff records to note:
Divisional round records: PIT is 15-9. KC is 2-7.


Seahawks @ Falcons:


Notable Playoff records:
Seahawks playoff record: 17-14
Falcons playoff record: 7-12

Russell Wilson playoff record: 8-3 (gotta like the possibility of a Saturn tribute at 9-3, right???)
Matt Ryan playoff record: 1-4 (a loss drops him to 1-5, like 15<==>inverse of 51 and Fifteen=38/65=finish). Matt Ryan can fall to 3-3 vs. Seattle. Seahawks=33, on a 'Seahawk' date numerology.

Pete Carroll is 9-4 in playoff games as a Seahawk.

Texans @ Patriots:


The game is in Foxborough. Foxborough=59/131. Fifty-nine=54/108. Sixteen=33/42.

Notable Playoff records:
Texans playoff record: 3-3
Patriots divisional round record: 13-6

Tom Brady playoff record: 22-9
Brock Osweiler playoff record: 1-0

Always think! This weekend will be interesting.

112 | Predictive Programming???

Today is 1/12/17.

List of date numerologies: 12, 14, 23, 30, 50

Look at how they placed each QB by the trophy and notice how they're faced.
I have a strong case to make on my next post for why they showed us this image on a date of 1/12 like 112.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Vance Joseph to be new head coach of Broncos

Vance Joseph=46/55/118/127
Denver Broncos=64/73/154/163

Notice today's date is 1/11. This hire is done by the Broncos, a team that has a reduction number of 1. The person they hired also has a reduction number of 1.

Check out his bio

Notice he is 44 years old. He's entering his 22nd year in association with football at some capacity (he had a 3 year gap between coaching stints). Today's date numerology is 22. 

Joseph agreed to a 4 year deal at age 44. Happiness=44. I'm pretty sure he's happy that he's got Von Miller as his weapon on defense. Why? Joseph is known as a defensive guy who uses pressure inside-and-out. The script may very well be in favour for the Broncos to win the division next season. 

Stay tuned....

RT America: US is Trump's Country

Check this out folks! The headline in the video says it all!

US is Trump's Country=75.
New World Order=75.

I call RT the 'death-and-change' channel. Why? RT=38. Death=38. Change=38.

This video is 2:44 (min:sec) long. Two forty-four=67/202. Blood Sacrifice=67. The area code of Washington DC is '202'.

The show is called 'The Resident'. 'The Resident'=55/127. Sacrifice=55. Assassinate=127. Predictive programming=125/242. In the video, the host talks for exactly 2 minutes and 42 seconds, HA!

Stay tuned...